Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Costume & Makeup Design Project, Red Velvet Dr. Martens & My Fictionpress Story!

Hello lovely people of the internet! So there are officially ten of you! Woo! *throws confetti in the air & dances around.* I love you all, and your comments brighten my day, seriously!

Okay, so for my Costume & Make Up Design class we have a project to do a makeup-look for one Disney princess and one Disney villain. I got Belle & Ursula! I'm so excited, Belle is my favorite Disney princess ever because she loves reading. I'm a dork, I know. And Ursula is a badass, end of story.
 This is the look I want to do for Belle. Or at least what's inspiring me. It's from her second look when she's wearing the puffy golden dress (when I actually do the makeup on myself I'll post up a picture!)
And this is basically what my Ursula look is gonna be like. A intense purple/blue smokey eye look!

Something I've been drooling over are Red Velvet Dr. Martens. They're beautiful. Yet so expensive. I know a friend who find some in a Thrift Store for eight bucks. How lucky is that?! I would probably die if I found a pair at a Thrift Store. 
Aren't they a beauty? 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I've started writing a new story on 'Fictionpress' called One Year. It would mean so much to me if you could read it and review right here:
I only have two chapters up, but please check it out! It would mean a lot, seriously! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'M SORRY, Strawberry Picking & Up-Coming OOTDs!

Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. As much as I say it, I feel as though I can't truly convey how sorry I am. Eleven days. I haven't posted in over eleven days. I don't have much of an excuse other than school work. I really wish it was summer again, and I could post every single day and not have a care in the world. I'm really going to try to post every day (or at least every other day) again! Blogging is something I really love doing, so, basically... I'M BACK. And, I now have eight wonderful, beautiful, lovely & amazing followers! Thank you all so much!

On Saturday I went to this Strawberry/Tomato picking farm (about an hour from my city) with my friend. It was loads of fun picking out the strawberries & acting like little kids.
 My Friend Andrea (left)

How intensely red are those strawberries!? And they were delicious. I also got a few tomatoes, strawberry jam and cinnamon buns mmmmmmm :)

This Friday I'm going to a friends party. It's a nice casual bonfire but I'll be sure to do an OOTD for you all! Thank you so much for sticking around! I hadn't logged into this blog throughout my absence and it brought a huge smile on my face to see I still had my original six followers + 2 more! I'm so lame. I know.

Leave me a comment, stop by and say hello! Love you lots x

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters Review & My War Against Pimples!

Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm sorry I've skipped two days of blogging, school has been quite hectic this week but thankfully, tomorrow is Friday! : )
After finishing my homework pretty early today, I decided to head on over to Walgreens. I've been breaking out on my chin lately (due to my time of the month - or as my friends like to call it, "TOM"), and I really wanted to get some cream for it. Aaaand, since I was already conveniently close to the makeup section, I decided to take a look. I was over-joyed to find the Revlon Lip Butters! I got three of them; Sweet Tart, Peach Parfait & Red Velvet. I took loads of pictures of them, so here you go!

The three pictures above here are all Sweet Tart! It's a very pretty pink colour - super pigmented but can be manipulated to be sheer or heavy-coverage! (the colouring in the second picture went crazy for some reason, sorry about that!)

These three pictures were Peach Parfait! It's a bit more sheer than the other two, but still very pigmented for a Lip Butter! It's a gorgeous nudey-peach colour. 

Last but not least, Red Velvet! My draw literally dropped when I saw how pigmented this was! It's beautiful!

All in all, these Lip Butters are fantastic. I seriously recommend them to everybody! They're as moisturizing as a chapstick but as pigmented as a lipstick. I'm deffinetly going to go back in a few weeks & get more colours. 

As I was saying before, I've been getting a few pimples on my chin lately due to "TOM". I'm not the type of person to have ever suffered from acne or pimples, but eeeevery period of mine I will get three or two really bad pimples on areas like my chin, nose, or t-zone during my TOM. I know I shouldn't be complaining about my skin because some people would really want only two or three pimples, but it really is quite embarrassing when I have to walk around with large zits on noticeable areas : ( SO - to fix this dilemma, instead of waiting for my period to end (because then they usually go away), I bought this new on the spot acne cream by Clean & Clear and a sensitive face wash.

I'll be sure to tell you all if these two work! (hopefully they do!) I'll probably have an OOTD tomorrow, so be on the look out for that! :) Here's a picture from the tenth, which was my sister's 18th birthday!
Bottom left: My sister
Bottom Right: Myself (before the attack of the pimples)
Top left: My mum
Top middle: Dad
Top right: Brother 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Old OOTD, Ed Sheeran Worshiping, & My Complete & Utter Hatred for School

Hello lovely people of the internet! So. It's Monday. The most hated day of the week. I don't think you understand the amount of strength, soul power & effort I had to put in, in order to wake up this morning. On the happier note, I am now able to announce I have 6 amazing, fantastic, lovely, glorious followers! I think I might throw a parade when I reach ten.

As I type this, I have my hair in a high bun, no makeup, and am wearing my school uniform so any pictures of what I look like at the moment are out of the question, so here is an old Outfit of the Day. It's from the morning of New Years!

The quality is a bit iffy because I had to download this picture like a gagillion times, sorry! 
Boots: Steve Madden Troopa Boots
Skirt: Thrifted
Bag: Lima, Peru (my nonna got it for me, so I don't know the store)
Shirt: Forever 21

And guess what I just found out today!? My love, Ed Sheeran, will be coming to my city in March!!!!! *dies, revives, then dies again* I don't think you understand how excited I am! He'll be touring with Snow Patrol, and I can't wait! I have this wonderful fantasy that I'll get front row and meet-and-greet tickets & he'll fall in love with me and take me on tour with him where we'd perform together *sigh* That man is a lyrical genius. 

Also, sorry if my posts are rather lame (like this one) throughout the week. School was created by satan himself, I swear. As much as I'd rather be home, in warm fuzzy socks, listening to Ed while drinking tea and blogging - I can't.

AND - if you all could do me the AMAZING favor of voting for my tumblr (ivymivy) at this blog:
It's in the running to be a BOTW (blog of the week)! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

M.A.C. Pop Mode, The Hummingbird Bakery & Ukulele Jams

Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had family over for lunch and everything got a bit complicated. On the bright side, I now have four aaamaaaziiinnggg followers! I know it seems like such a silly thing to get excited about, but oh well! Today I have a review for you & just some pointless rambling.

M.A.C. Lipglass in Pop Mode: This is what it looks like in the sunlight. As you can see, it's a plum-ish colour with some bronze shimmer. Really, really pretty!
 And this is what a light coat of it looks like on my lips. Keep in mind the lightning was extremely bright so it comes off more pink than it actually is. I really recommend this lipglass. It wasn't as sticky as the M.A.C Dazzleglasses, though it still is quite sticky for a gloss. 
The Hummingbird Bakery opened in Portobello Road in early 2004. Eventually, more shops opened, one of them being in South Kensington. In March of 2009, The Hummingbird Bakery Cook Book was published. It sold over 550,000 copies worldwide. Personally, I worship this book. Seriously, if you love baking I beg of you to go out and buy this or order it online. Trust me. You won't be disappointed. And next to that book is the love of my life. My ukulele. Fun fact of the day - I'm a singer. I play the guitar, ukulele and piano. My whole life basically revolves around music. I bought this lovely instrument a month ago or so and I'm obsessed! I've learned to play about ten songs on it now, and I can't get enough of it!
 I want to make this beauty as soon as possible. I might not be able to get to it until later on this week, but if I manage to squeeze in some time for baking, I'll be sure to post up pictures! 

Other than that, there's not much more to say! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Tell me what you guys did in the comment section! :) Love you all! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

December Favorites - better late than never!

Hello lovely people of the internet! I come to you all with my first Favorites post. I'm aware that I'm a tad bit late, but oh well. Where I live, December was filled with hot humid days & honestly, it felt nothing like winter. Finally, it's started to get chilly this week (thank the lawd!).
 These here, are my babies. My prize possessions. The apple to my eye. The sunshine to my morning. My Steve Madden Troopa Boots. *sigh* I had been drooling over these for months  but since they're not the most wallet-friendly pair of shoes, I restrained myself from buying them. But a week or two before Christmas, Macy's was having a massive sale & these were 40 dollars off their original price! I couldn't waste this opportunity. I bought them and I'm pretty sure I've worn them a million times. You can tell, can't you? They're a bit scruffy & worn at the moment, which I particularly like.
 I got these M.A.C. pigments for Christmas from my friend. They were my first M.A.C. pigments, and let me tell you...they are ah-mazing! Super pigmented, the colour is very very rich & smooth. I haven't worn this out much, because the colour is so bright - but I can't wait for an event or party to wear this out again!
 This here is Makeup Forever's Rouge Artist Intense in 48. This is what the actual lipstick looks like:
 I'm the type of girl who tends to get lighter shades of lip-products; pinks, nudes, corals. This was my first really dark lipstick and I'm really glad I plucked up the courage to buy it & wear it out! I got loads of compliments from my friends. 

This here scarf I'm wearing is from my Nonnas closet. No - that's not some hip retro thrift store... that would be, my Nonna's closet. My grandmother. She gave it to me & I really, really like it! 
Last but not least, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. As you see, I'm almost out! Keep in mind I'll probably have heart palpitations when I actually do run out - but I'll be sure to get another as soon as it does. I can't tell you how many times during school people literally lean over, sniff me, and compliment how I smell. It sounds weird - but I give all credit to this lovely perfume.

Now that I'm done rambling about my favorites, tell me yours in the comments! I'd love to hear! And thank you for all the lovely comments you guys left me last time - and I officially have 2 followers! *jumps up and down* Thank you very much! Means a lot! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012, The Year of Blogging!

Hello, people of the internet. I'm new to this whole "blogging" thing - so bare with me. For starters, if you're reading this, here's a massive THANK YOU. And I'll probably bake you a dozen cupcakes if you read this all through... and give you my dog if you comment. Alright, I probably won't give you my dog (he's my pride & joy) but I'll bake you two dozen cupcakes, how does that sound?

There was a sale at Bath & Body Works and I got these for a lot cheaper than usual! This is in the scent "Hot Buttered Rum" and let me tell you - this smells heavenly. I have it lit up whilst typing & it's honestly sooo delicious smelling, I'll have to restrain myself from eating it. 

This would probably fall under one of my "stupid-compulsive" buys, but strangely, I don't regret it. New Girl is one of my all time favorite TV shows, so how on earth do you expect me to not buy this!? I nearly went into cardiac arrest when I saw it in the Apartment section in Urban Outfitters.....don't judge me.
I've started decorating the wall around my mirror (where I get ready & what not) with magazine pages. It's not nearly finished though. This is the right side of the wall, and here is the left:
For both sides so far I've only used Nylon Magazine, it's got loads of great pictures & texts. Tomorrow I plan to go out and get a few more magazines to continue decorating. I'll be sure to post up pictures with the finished result! 

In the future I plan to have more fashion related posts, but since this blog was a spur of the moment type thing - this first post is quite simple. I hope you all have a lovely day and feel free to leave me a comment! It could be anything! Even a simple hello :)